Discover the essence of Raindrop Remedies – where we passionately hand-craft herbal remedies that soothe, comfort, and nourish. With a focus on health and quality of life, we offer a range of products, including herbal teas, salves, tinctures, tonics, soaps, and moisturizers. Our commitment to clean, transparent ingredients means no artificial fragrances or harsh preservatives.

Our brand was founded on the belief that Nature provides abundant goodness, and we invite you to explore our online store and learn why Raindrop Remedies is your gateway to embracing the healing power of herbs.


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Customer Testimonials

I am HOOKED on the Lip Love lip balm and Evening Enjoyment loose leaf tea. The lip balm is moisturizing but not waxy and the unique blend of herbs in the tea is relaxing and delicious--highly recommend!

- Andrew, customer since 2020

Just an update.  My wife was in a golf tournament on Thursday morning and she could hardly unscrew a top on an orange juice bottle.   She applied Achy Salve on her painful wrists and by the second hole forgot she had wrists.  Hopefully this may be a solution.  Also when I smell the scent, I want to light candles and start the jacuzzi!

- Philip, Customer Since 2022

Raindrop remedies is one of the best local go-tos for herbal remedies in Western New York! Jenniffer is an extremely knowledgeable herbalist and so incredibly skilled at her craft. My favorite products of hers are the nourishing loose tea blends and the healing salves. My family has used her cure-all healing salves to treat eczema, booboos, insect bites, and every other skin ailment over the years— we always have it on hand! And if you’re looking for a thoughtful self-care gift, her themed box sets are just perfect.

- Lauren, customer since 2015

I bought your lymph system cleaner and your First Aid Salve and I love both so much! I had this weird rash on my face, and I used some of the healing salve, and it went away overnight! And the lymph system cleaner holy cow! I've been recommending you to all of my friends!

- Lo La, customer since 2023

I've been meaning to share my thoughts on Raindrop Remedies for some time now, and I just have to express my absolute adoration for all of their products! From their exceptional teas, which have become a staple in my daily routine for years, to their remarkable fire cider that always comes to my rescue when I'm feeling under the weather – Raindrop Remedies never disappoints.

Among their extensive range, I must highlight their top-notch skincare products. The Skin Cordial moisturizing Face Serum and the Woodland Whispers lotion are personal favorites of mine. The scent of Woodland Whispers is particularly soothing and luxurious, adding an extra layer of relaxation to my skincare routine.

And let's not forget about their tinctures! I can't recommend the mushroom and Viral Defence tinctures enough. They pack a powerful punch and are incredibly effective when I need a natural boost.

Overall, Raindrop Remedies truly offers the best natural products available. Their commitment to quality and effectiveness shines through in every item they produce.

Jodi, customer since 2017

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