Skin Care

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  Skin has many functions, including Protection (from harmful chemicals, UV rays, infection), Receiving stimuli from the world around us (touch, temperature, injury, etc), Absorption and Excretion (gases, hormones, water, heat, etc),  Production of Vitamin D, and more.  We need to take care of our skin and provide nutrition from the inside and outside. 

Raindrop Remedies' skincare products are meant to do just, which is why we use natural ingredients, no harsh preservatives, and no artificial fragrance.  Due to various sensitivities, we use a minimal amount of essential oils too.  Without preservatives, the shelf life of our products are reduced compared to what you may buy off the shelf at a big box store, but we make our batches small to keep our stock fresh.

Simple, clean, and healthy for your skin.

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