Viral Defense Tincture

Viral Defense Tincture

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Defense = the action of defending from or resisting attack. Defend yourself against the germs when they attack! Go get 'em!

Viral Defense Tincture was created after reading some very informative articles written by experienced herbalists and researchers (see below for references), and looking deeper into Traditional Chinese Herbalism (TCM), which has thousands of years of research behind it. It's pretty cool to find out that we have had this knowledge about plants for such a long time, and that Western Medicine is beginning to incorporate it as well. 

 Ingredients: Vodka, Scuttelaria baicalensis (Chinese skullcap), Salvia militiorrhiza (Danshen or Red Sage), Isatis spp. (Ban Lan Gen), Houttuynia spp. (Yu Xing Cao), Polygonium cuspiladum (Japanese Knotweed), Pueraria spp. (Kudzu), Rhodiola rosea, Cinnamon

  • Scuttelaria baicalensis - has been used for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-oxidant activity. It has been used to treat digestive and respiratory tract infections, and for it's protective effects on the liver.
  • Salvia militiorrhiza - known for its anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, endothelial and myocardial protective properties. Salvia m. has been shown to protect our cellular enzymes to stop viral priming on ACE2 receptors, and promotes blood flow.
  • Isatis used in TCM to treat the common cold and upper respiratory tract infections.  It is also commonly used for encephalitis (brain swelling);  liver disorders; pockets of infection (abscesses) in the lungs; and digestive tract infections
  • Houttuynia - has long been used in Asia to treat pneumonia, hypertension, constipation. This tough plant has antibacterial, antiviral, and detoxification activities.
  • Polygonium cuspiladum - has been found to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, is  anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral,  immunomodulatory, chemopreventive, and cardio-protective effects.
  • Pueraria - used in the treatment of fever, digestive disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It has anticoagulant properties, and helps to protect and strengthen ACE2 receptors
  • Rhodiola rosea - is an adaptogenic herb that stimulates blood flow, is used for stress, and mental or physical fatigue (restores qi), and helps to clear the lungs
  • Cinnamon - traditionally used to treat inflammatory and gastric disorders, 

    plants high in procyanidins and lectins (like cinnamon) also help block viral attachment 

When fighting off infection, we all need to:

  • Hydrate, with water, infusions, broths. If fever is present, hydrate even more and manage a healthy fever.

  • Keep our lymph system clear so that germs and toxins can be cleared away

  • Sleep and rest so that your body can focus on defense and repair.
  • Support your body with nutrition, not sugar.

If caring for yourself or others with herbs, you should be familiar with warning signs of severe disease, and seek life-supporting conventional care when called for.  

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care practitioner for questions and concerns regarding your personal health identity.


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